Integrated crystal based solutions

Crystal clear solutions for HI-TECH science and industry


  • MonaLIGHT Next-Generation Light Modules out NOW!
    The new family of laser pumped compact light modules is now commercially available!
  • New G4S detector out now!
    The new GAGG+ based scintillation detector G4S provides a modern, smaller and efficient alternative to the commonly used 1 inch NaI:Tl scintillation detectors. Find out more!
  • Ti:Sapphire now available!
    Titanium-doped sapphire is now available as a laser gain material for tunable lasers with red or near-infrared emission. This material is mostly designated for  scientific research for its ability to generate ultrashort pulses and for its durability when working at high-powers.

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  • Photoics West 2024

    Photoics West 2024

    Visit us at Photonics West and discover our new thin-disk solutions for high-power lasers.

  • Photonics west 2023

    Photonics west 2023

    Visit us in San Francisco, California, USA at the biggest optics and photonics industry flagship exhibition and experience the latest
    advancement in laser components and solutions made by Crytur.

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