Holmium doped yttrium aluminium garnet

Technical parameters

Ho-doped yttrium aluminum garnet Ho:YAG is promising material for tunable and ultra-short-pulse generating lasers, operating in 2.1 μm spectral region.
It can be advantageously resonantly pumped with Tm-based fiber lasers or laser diodes in broad absorption band peaking at 1907 nm. The low quantum defect of Ho:YAG makes the heat load small, and together with excellent thermomechanical properties of Ho:YAG it gives the potential for scaling to high output powers.


Doping oncentration from 0.25% Ho:YAG up to 2% Ho:YAG
Maximum length 120 mm


Absorption cross section of Ho:YAG Ho AG absorption cross-section in pumping region
Ho YAG absorption cross-section in lasing region Absorption coefficient of Ho:YAG  in wavelength region of resonant pumping
Fluorescence lifetime of Ho:YAG 5I7 energy  level under 445, 1864  and 1907 nm excitation Fluorescence spectrum of Ho:YAG under 455 nm excitation