YAG (undoped)

YAG (undoped)
Pure yttrium aluminium garnet provides an interesting alternative to sapphire for UV optics, IR optics and refractometry

Key characteristics

Undoped YAG grown in CRYTUR is unique by its

  • Excellent chemical purity (99,995%)
  • Transparency from UV to IR spectral range
  • Excellent optical quality
  • Very low internal stress

All of these properties have been developed to high level as a part of CRYTUR’s development of YAG-based scintillators and laser elements.


Other key characteristics of YAG are

  • No birefringence
  • High index of refraction
  • High hardness and durability
  • High heat and chemical resistance

Technical parameters


Physical properties 
Crystallographic structure cubic
Density 4.554 g/cm3
Elastic modulus 280 kg/mm2
Hardness by Mohs 8 - 8.5
Hardness by Knoop 1350 kg/mm2


Thermal properties 
Melting point 1921°C (2193°K)
Thermal conductivity 13.4 W/m.K @ 300 K
Thermal expansion 7.7 ppm/K


Optical properties 
Appearance transparent, colorless
Transparency range 210 nm - 5200 nm
Index of refraction

1.84 at 486 nm
1.83 at 589 nm
1.83 at 656 nm

Transmission spectra