IR - visualization screens

IR - visualization screens
Screens for easy laser beam visualization


IR- visualization screens made by CRYTUR convert the infrared laser beam to a visible spot based on two-photon absorption of laser radiation and conversion into visible light.

Size: 75 x 75 mm
Size of active area: 50 mm in diameter
Other dimensions are available upon request


This screen converts 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser beam into a green spot. Screens with conversion into a red spot can be made upon request. This screen is especially suitable for alignment of high power CW Nd:YAG laser resonators because of its high damage threshold.
Detection limit: 0,5 W/cm2
Damage threshold: 100 W/cm2


For visualization of laser radiation in the eye-safe region. This screen is especially suitable for alignment of Er:glass laser resonators emitting at 1,53 microns.
Detection limit: 0,1 J/cm2