KARMEN™ - retractable BSE detector for hot stage

KARMEN™ - retractable BSE detector for hot stage
Retractable BSE detector for SEM for hot stage samples

Key properties

  • Single crystal sensor

  • Scintillator/PMT principle for ultimate image quality

  • Excellent S/N ratio

  • Unlimited sensor lifetime

  • HV + LV + ESEM operation

  • Sample temperature over 1000°C

  • Motorized retraction mechanism

  • Bellows-sealed high vacuum system

  • Retraction 150 mm

  • Compact design

  • Precise alignment

  • Customized connection to SEM


Examples of measurements acquired with KARMEN™

Series of images recorded at high temperature in high-vacuum conditions during the recrystallisation of multiphasic high-temperature alloy using the Karmen BSE detector. The inlet corresponds to a magnification of the 2 ×2 µm2 central zone.

Heat treatment of an Al-Si coated steel from room temperature to 900°C with a 20°C/min heating ramp. Selected BSE images representative of the different observed fast phase formation due to the melting of the coating between 643°C and 666°C.

Images with courtesy Podor R, Mendonça J, Lautru J, et al. Evaluation and application of a new scintillator-based heat-resistant back-scattered electron detector during heat treatment in the scanning electron microscope. Journal of Microscopy. 2020;1-15.

Heat management


  • Sample temperature 1000°C
  • Passive cooling by heat-pipe technology
  • Temperature monitoring of the sensor


  • Sensor and lightguide cooled and
    shielded against infrared and visible
    light emited by the heated sample

Technical parameters


single crystal scintillator with optimized efficiency and minimized afterglow, exponential decay time 45 ns with 30 photons/keV

Outer diameter 15 mm

Inner hole diameter 3 / 2 / 1.5 or 1 mm. This dimension limits the field of view

Sensitivity down to 10pA beam current

Allows a 7 mm working distance




Dimensions 406 x 100 x 72 mm

Bellows design for ultimate vacuum

140 mm motorized retraction

+/- 2 mm fine adjustment in x, y, z axis

0.01 mm repeatability

Flange adapted to customer's SEM

Silver / black / blue / red matt surface finish available



Dimensions 270 x 180 x 65 mm

Supply 230/110 V

3 noise filters optimized for different scanning speeds

50 MHz bandwidth

Internal source 0-1200 V for PMT HV

Output video signal -1/+1V (-5/+5V)

Full remote software control

DC offset up to -20V