MonaLIGHT - Next Generation Modular Narrow Angle Light

MonaLIGHT - Next Generation Modular Narrow Angle Light
Versatile compact NONCOHERENT laser based light source modules

Key features

MonaLIGHT laser light modules represent the next-generation noncoherent light source built on laser technology with extraordinary characteristics.



  • Narrow Beam
  • Very Low Etendue
  • Enable High System Efficiency
  • Superb Lumen Density
  • Low Divergence Angle
  • High Luminous Intensity
  • Non-Lambertian Light Source
  • High Luminance
  • Compatible with Standard Optomechanics
  • Adjustable to Specific Wavelength
  • Upcoming Generation of Laser Lighting
  • Wide Spectral Coverage




Asymmetric light output well suited for slit illumination. An option is a direct attachment of a customized light guide.


High output module with a symmetrical beam. Easy to integrate customized light guide.


Optimized for etendue limited applications and direct fiber coupling with a directly accessible focal point with a 6° beam angle.

Luminous Flux: 1000 - 1300 lm 900 - 1100 lm  500-520 lm
Viewing Angle (FWHM): < 38°  6°
Peak Intensity: up to 3500 cd up to 6000 cd  up to 8000 cd
Beam Angle (FWTM): 90° 34°  25°
Optical Power: up to 2.3 W up to 2.3 W  up to 1.1 W
Physical PARAMETERS      
Weight: < 10g 17.6 g  19 g
Diameter 12 mm 12 mm  12 mm
Power Input: 12.9 W 12.9 W  12.9 W


Scientific applications

Unlock a world of advanced lighting solutions with MonaLIGHT, tailored for both scientific and industrial domains. Whether you're delving into instrumental lighting, optimizing laboratory equipment, enhancing machine vision, exploring fiber optics, or advancing fluorescence microscopy, MonaLIGHT stands out. Our team of engineers is prepared to assist you in integrating the MonaLIGHT modules into your application.

  • Scientific Research: Illuminate your discoveries with unmatched precision. Capture crystal-clear images with intricate detail.
  • Life Sciences & Biotech: Enhance research and diagnostics with superior lighting.
  • Microscopy & Fluorescence Microscopy: Achieve clearer, sharper images for detailed analysis.
  • Machine Vision: Improve accuracy and efficiency in automated processes.
  • Endoscopy: Provide clearer visuals for medical examinations.
  • High-Speed Imaging: Capture every detail in fast-paced environments.
  • Sensorics: Optimize sensor performance with consistent lighting.
  • Projectors: Deliver brighter, more vivid projections.


MonaLIGHT excels in precisely defined beam profile and intensity characteristics. The modules are designed for easy integration with standard customized optical elements to provide unbeatable system efficiency.

MonaLIGHT beam profile - comparison with standard LED (Lambertian) profile (normalized optical output)


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Outdoor applications

Experience unmatched illumination capabilities with our product's distinct combination of intense brightness, precise beam angle, and compact design. This powerful blend enables revolutionary outdoor lighting solutions for a variety of applications.

  • Airborne & UAV: Enhance aerial operations with superior lighting.
  • Architectural: Illuminate distant structures with precision.
  • Automotive: Drive with enhanced visibility.
  • Industrial and Mining: Ensure consistent lighting in challenging environments.
  • Marine & Navy: Navigate waters with confidence and clarity.
  • Underwater: Long-range spotlight for exploration and inspection in costal waters.
  • Projectors: Present sharper, brighter visuals.
  • Safety & Security: Enhance surveillance area and safety measures.
  • Sports: Improve nighttime sports visibility and ambiance.

Additional optics was used to deliver narrow beam profile 

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