Sapphit™ laboratory instruments

Sapphit™ laboratory instruments
Sapphire characteristics constitute high utility in a wide variety of instruments and laboratory set-ups

Heaters and furnaces

Sapphire heating elements and furnace components

Sapphit™ heating elements are designed to deliver „clean heat“ into the experimental environment. The single crystal material structure creates a gas-tight barrier preventing any contamination even at molecular level.

  • No contamination to the heated environment

  • Single solution for all atmospheres - oxidizing, reducing, innert and vacuum

  • Longer durability of the heating wire

  • Ideal heating element for harsh environments


Sapphit™ for high temperature furnaces creates ideal controlled environment for high pressure or high vacuum experiments or processes. Sapphit™ delivers the perfect combination of gas-tight insulation and chemical stability. Sapphire furnace tubes are offered in several standard diameters: OD30/ID27 and OD25.4/ID22.7 mm.

  • Creates perfectly insulated environment

  • Maintains high pressures or high vacuum

  • Chemically stable

  • Contamination-free, easy to clean material



Analytical tools

Sapphire components for material and structural analyses

Sapphit™ capillaries deliver superior performance to standard quartz tubes used for structural analyses methods such as SAXS, XRD and EPR.

  • High pressure resistence – up to 500 bar

  • High temperature resistance

  • High chemical resistance

Sapphit™ capillaries are commonly used for studies under water supercritical conditions.

Standard "as grown" capillaries

Inner diameter

down to 0,6 mm

Standard dimensions:

OD 1 mm / ID 0,6 mm   - designed to fit the PEEK HPLC set-up

Wall thickness

down to 0,2 mm


up to 1500 mm

NEW Machined capillaries

Inner diameter

Down to 0,6 mm


Standard dimensions:

OD 0,8 mm / ID 0,6 mm

OD 1 mm / ID 0,8 mm


Wall thickness

Down to 0,1 mm !


up to 60 mm


Sapphire NMR tubes

Sapphit™ NMR tubes provide extremely good ratio between wall thickness and sample volume for high pressure NMR spectroscopy.

  • Pressure test up to 500 bar available

  • Perfect tube straightness

- the tubes are perfectly straight and tested in etalon to fit into 5(10)mm tube

  • Non-magnetic sapphire flange at tube end

Standard NMR tube dimensions


Recessed flange fitting provides the most convenient way of connecting the sapphire NMR tube to the whole set-up.

We can also connect the sapphire NMR tube to a supplied flange or connector with epoxy adhesive.


Sapphire instruments

Sapphit™ is the material of choice for a range of laboratory equipment such as crucibles, cuvetes or vessels.  

  • High material purity – no process contamination

  • Non-porous material

  • Chemically inert

  • Good heat transportation

  • Easy to clean

Sapphire crucibles can be easily cleaned with strong oxidising agent (chromsulphuric acid, for example), or with hot strong mineral acids (aqua regia or HF, for example). Sapphire resists hot mineral acids, even to HF, as well as any other corrosive components at temperatures of several hundreds °C. Sapphire only reacts with very strong bases at temperatures over 1000 °C (borax or alkali metal hydroxides), HF or F2 at temperatures higher than 500 °C or carbon at temperatures over 1500 °C.