Scintillation arrays

Scintillation arrays
Linear and two-dimensional scintillation arrays assembled in Crytur are based on proprietary single crystal materials and provide position sensitivity in scanning, imaging and highly specialized research applications.


Crytur delivers highly highly-specialized detection arayss and bars for position sensitive detection. The size of detection elements ranges from several tenths of mm up to several mm depending on the scintillation material and on the design of the array. Our special production technology enables very compact designs with distance between pixels of less then 0.050 mm. The minimum pixel size is 0.3 mm x 0.3 mm.


  • High skill, experience and tradition

  • Wide variety of proprietary materials aluminates (YAG:Ce, YAP:Ce, LuAG:Ce), silicates, BGO, BaF2 and others

  • Precise surface processing

  • Coating - reflective (diffuse mirror)

                  - conductive

                  - antireflecting

  • Precise assembling and lightguide connection

  • Photosensors according to customers need



YAP:Ce array 20x20
pixel: 1x1x10 mm
for SPECT camera (99mTc)
YAG:Ce array 2x7
pixel: 30x30x100 mm
for proton/CT, INFN, Italy
YAP:Ce array 8x8
pixel: 5.8x5.8x0.5 mm
for pixelated α particle detector
Scintillation array 250x250
pixel: 1x1x50 mm
for neutron detector
LuAG:Ce and YAG:Ce
array concept and design study
pixel: 1x1x100 mm
for highly segmented calorimeter